Mer-Mirror • Mer-Comb

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Your eyes are the window to the soul. Gazing into the mermaid mirror opens a portal in accessing your soul fragments. The squid ink and gold infused comb activates the antenna in your hair cells for a stronger connectivity. This combined alchemy brings you back to your divine wholeness.


We are powerful sparks of God. And this is why we leave parts of our soul in the higher realms to accommodate our dense reality. We also fragment our soul from trauma and other events. When the time is right, our soul urges us to bring all the fragments back together so we can stand in the fullness of our power. The mermaids are here to help bring back our wholeness.


Your eyes are the window to the soul. Gazing into the mirror creates the bridge between realms. Gold is the fire of life and silver is the water igniting the fire of your inner heart flame to the emotional waters of your body. This allows you to dive deep into soul retrieval and integration. The mirror is enhanced with pearls representing your “pearl-essence” or True Self. Every soul spark is a pearl in their wholeness. There are pearl codes in your light body helping you remember your Divinity.


The Octopus has gifted us with her squid ink. This amazing substance stimulates the neurons in our hair follicles in activating our crown chakra to the higher realms and the multiplicities of self. Combing out our hair with this magical liquid and a touch of gold has been a hidden secret brought forth from our times in ancient Lemuria.


Your hair is an antennae to the higher realms. This is why the Mermaids have
long hair. Hair follicle cells release ATP and serotonin in response to tactile stimuli. The comb is the perfect amulet in activating these sensory neurons. The mermaid comb has also been embellished with
squid ink and 24 kt. Gold in amplifying the conductivity of this neurotransmission.


The Octopus represents our multi-dimensionality. They show us how aspects of our soul exist separately and at the same time synchronistically together. For example, each of their nine brains function separately, each one controlling the eight tentacles and main center. We are never broken. We have always been eternally whole. We just need to be aware of the existence of the other parts of ourselves in bringing back our wholeness.


For science enthusiasts, using long hair as an antenna is not new to the Native American Indian. This video demonstrates how the Natives have used their hair for tracking purposes. Long hair is technically a tracking and communication device!

  • Integrates the multiplicities of self into your wholeness.
  • Heals trauma of past, present and future selves.
  • Creates clarity and a greater sense of knowingness.
  • Ignites the power of your hybrid god-self.

Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and permanence to the manifestation.

Ritual Amulets Included:

  • Gold painted Octopus Mirror
  • Squid Ink Infused Mermaid Comb
  • Ocean Candle + Matches

Additional Items Included:

  • Mermaid Travel Bag
  • Mermaid Incense Dish
  • Pearl Jewelry Piece

Personal Mini-Reading

You will receive an e-mailed mini-message from the world of enchantment in guiding you along your awakening path.

Value: $75